How’d We Get Here?

How did we get here? To a place where we’re in debt about $170k? That just doesn’t seem possible. Well, the obvious answer is that we kept borrowing money for school. Actually, that’s not right. We kept borrowing the maximum amount of money that we could borrow. That’s technically how we got here.

But how did that happen? How does two otherwise intelligent people do something so foolish?

I still don’t have the answer to that question. I suppose one of the answers is that we had an extreme level of financial ignorance multiplied by some emotional childhood issues that we had never gotten over and added to just enough materialism or discontent.

Well, you’d have to throw in a really stupid idea to try and flip a house by using student loan debt and starting a cleaning company. The first was dumb. The second was probably a good idea. But we borrowed money to buy equipment that we could have just grown into.

That was the death nail. You see, we were never the ones who had cars we couldn’t afford. We didn’t have the credit. We never even really racked up huge amounts of credit card debt. Again, no one would extend us that much credit. But they had no problems¬†giving us student loans. Stupid. Just stupid.

Now, this isn’t meant to be a political referendum on the student loan crisis. We own this. Is there a problem. Sure. But our problem is just that, our problem. That’s been our first step in this journey.
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