Our Story

We’ve been married for 17 years. We were college sweethearts. It took about 2 months of dating before we each knew that we had found the one. We were married 9 months after our first date. Our life was and is good.

We both have terrific degrees from a great private school. And one of us has two more advanced degrees. We’ve been blessed with 5 awesome kids. One of us is teacher. The other a pastor and small business owner. We’re active in our community. We plug away at our jobs. And we’re well-liked by most everyone we meet.

On the outside everything is terrific. And for the most part, this is accurate on the “inside” as well. The one problem that we try to hide from everyone – we have about $175,000 in debt. Over $150,000 is in school loans. Just writing this number is humiliating and suffocating. It’s hard to breath. We’re embarrassed and ashamed that we ever let it get to this.

But, we’ve finally begun to realize that we’re not alone. And we don’t have to accept this as our future. And so we’re not going to. We’ve decided to get out of debt. Obviously, this is a daunting number to look at. ┬áSo we’re going to share our journey with all our friends. Perhaps this might give you some encouragement to face your own struggles. Be it debt, broken relationships or something else. There is hope. Ours is rooted in our faith. You’ll have to find yours.

Thank you for sharing in our journey.

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