Ramsey, The Millers and Our Babies

Our inspiration to get out of debt has come from many places. Like I mentioned in the last post, we finally got to the point where we actually found hope. And in this instance, we brought to life the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Once HOPE showed up, INSPIRATION soon followed. And once we allowed ourselves to soak up the inspiration, we found ENCOURAGEMENT. Our encouragement has come from three different places. Well, three different people.

Dave Ramsey’s show and books started making sense. So we jumped in head first to his teaching. We have immersed ourselves into this strange little subculture. I’d call it a cult, but that would make me feel bad about myself. Once we decided to get into this full boar, then we found a class near us for Financial Peace University. This has been a huge blessing to us. We now have the tools we were lacking to take the next steps in our debt-free journey.

We were scared to death when we walked into our first FPU class. We didn’t know if we would be judged for what we had already determined to be an amount of debt that we could never overcome. We were convinced that no one was a stupid as we were when it comes to many. While we had hope and some inspiration, we held on to a lot of embarrassment and shame. It turns out that we still had not learned to forgive ourselves and give ourselves the grace that God has been blessing us with all along.

It was in that first class where we met the Millers. They are/have been a God-send. They have an incredible story themselves. They fought their way through a lot of personal and business debt. They made many of the same money mistakes that we made. They had the student loans, the cars, the credit cards  . . . you know, the regular stuff. But they had even added a significant amount of business debt. The Millers own a Tow Truck company in Sarasota. And as it turns out both of their trucks went down at the same time. So there you go with an incredible amount of debt.

But . . . they fought, battled and made it through. And, after we met them in that first FPU meeting, they quickly became dear friends, partners and mentors in our journey. Oh, by the way, if you ever break down in Sarasota – give them a call. 😉

The last source of INSPIRATION and ENCOURAGEMENT, and definitely the greatest source, comes from our kiddos. So, one of the first things we did was write down the reasons that we are going to get out of debt. The second on the list was our babies. And so, whenever it gets difficult we go back to that list for the encouragement we need.

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