It’s almost a swear word here in this house. The budget is so important. It really is the key to financial success. Because without a budget, it really difficult to know where the money is going. Budgets are probably the most crucial aspect to being financially healthy and having a financially healthy family. Here’s five keys to having a positive budget.

  1. It has to become a habit. This is a no brainer. For something to work, it has to be committed to and done repeatedly. Each month a new budget has to be completed that plans where all the money is going to be spent.
  2. Both partners have to be bought in and sold out. When one person is trying to do the budget on their own and the partner isn’t committed, then the relationship will eventually end up imploding.
  3. Write the budget down. Write the budget down. Write the budget down. Did I mention, write the budget down. Every month. No exceptions. Write the budget down.
  4. Have a zero-based budget. This means that every dollar is spent, on paper, before a single dollar is actually spent. Every. Single. Dollar. Must be given a name. It must be given a job.
  5. Give yourself a grace. This will be messed up. There will be miscalculations. And previous bad habits will take a while to get over. So give yourself time, and grace, as you learn to do this consistently.


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